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Supporting you in your birth choices

As a doula, I walk with you through pregnancy, labor, birth and those first few months of transitioning with your new precious baby.

I offer in home private childbirth birth classes. This allows me to customize my curriculum to your specific circumstances. I answer your questions and address any fears or concerns you have. You will learn about pregnancy, labor and birth, interventions and when they are necessary, variations, birth preferences, comfort measures, postpartum adjustments, newborn care and breastfeeding basics. 

As a birth doula, I share information, ease fears or concerns, give emotional and physical support during labor and help establish bonding time after birth.

I care for the mother, baby, siblings and partner to help transition to life with a new baby. I offer emotional and physical support to the mother so she is able to rest and heal.

I offer in home support to assess baby’s latch, discuss common breastfeeding issues, help with positioning, and give encouragement.

I teach the mother and her partner to wrap the postpartum belly, to help with healing and recovery, support the pelvic floor muscles, help prevent the nursing slouch, and give the mother self-care.

I hold group classes or teach a private in your home class. I instruct you on proper baby wearing technique to ensure you and baby are safe and reap the wonderful benefits of wearing your baby. I demonstrate using multiple types of carriers and wraps to help you find the best carrier(s) for you!

I recommend baby gear that fits your lifestyle, taste and budget. I will create a baby registry your family and friends can access to help you purchase everything you need, or I can help you find the best deals. Once your gear is purchased, I will come and help assemble and organize it into your baby’s space.

Women’s bodies were created to give birth. Most women can give birth naturally without interventions or pain medications, but that choice is theirs to make. All women should be heard and supported, and able to make their own informed decisions. Women should be given the opportunity to learn their options for childbirth and the risks and benefits associated with those options. However, this is their birth and those decisions belong to her and her partner. My goal is to empower women and support them and their partner in their decisions.

Pregnancy, birth, babies and the journey of motherhood are my passions!  Witnessing a life coming into the world is an incredible miracle. I am so honored to be invited into a mother’s birth space and into a family’s home to offer support and encouragement. 

I offer free consultations to meet potential clients. We discuss your needs and desires for antenatal, birth and/or postpartum care. Because doula care is so personal, a working relationship between me and the parents is important. This initial consult helps build that relationship.

Certified Birth Doula (DV)

Antenatal and Postpartum Doula

Childbirth Educator

Bengkung Belly Binding Specialist

Certified in TENS

Baby Gear Consultant